Q1. What does eegai mean?

A1. Eegai in Tamil language literally means “giving”. Symbolically, it means “helping people in need”.

Q2. Who started eegai?

A2. Eegai was started by a few like minded people who believes  in helping others. It is now being supported by several philanthropic hearts.

Q3. How can I donate?

A3. Please send us an email to contact@eegai.org section.

Q4. How much I should donate?

A4. No amount is too small to give

Q6. Who gets the money I donate?

A6. Eegai mainly operates by word of mouth. The moment we come to know that some individual or some small non-profit organization is in need of money, eegai will help at its best. Even the donors have the opportunity to suggest some deserving recipient they know of and eegai will take it up as a project.

Q7. I like to help an individual or an organization but do not have enough financial resources. What should I do?

A7. If you know a family with poor economic status or a small non-profit organization and if you would like to help them in any of the following ways:

  • 1) Pay the school tuition (for a month or year) fee for the child in that family or in the organization
  • 2) Donate a substantial amount towards medical expenses for an ailing old person in that family or organization
  • 3) Help the family or organization for a month or two to get through even the basic needs (food, shelter and water)

You may contact eegai and share your thoughts. We will then try our best to help that family or organization.

If you have the desire to help someone, please do not curb that desire just because you cannot afford it. Get in touch with us and we will get in touch with some generous hearts and pool the resources to fulfill your noble desire.

Q8. How can I know the current project of eegai?

A8. Please go to the Project section and look for updates.